Picture of Alejandra De Los Santos '19

Alejandra De Los Santos '19
Social Work

"I chose Mac for their small class sizes. I didn’t want to get lost in the crowd... I wanted to be somewhere where I could get to know my professors."

Picture of Ashley Huels '19

Ashley Huels '19

"After completing my internship, I am more confident and excited to take the next step in my educational and professional journey."

Picture of Ben Perkins '18

Ben Perkins '18
Criminal Justice Online Major
Security Manager at HSHS St. John's/ Military Veteran

"I am appreciative of the instructors at Mac. They have challenged me... I am glad that I have taken it on, and I’m glad I did it with MacMurray!"

Picture of Betty Lowell Cottle, Ph.D. '45

Betty Lowell Cottle, Ph.D. '45
Chemistry Major
Retired Physician

"Graduating from MacMurray, which was unknown back east, and to be a female and to get into medical school was a real accomplishment."

Picture of Chazz Middlebrook '18

Chazz Middlebrook '18
American Sign Language & Interpreting

"I chose Mac because of the ASL Interpreting program, which ties into the strong deaf community here in Jacksonville."

Picture of Courtney Pearson  '18

Courtney Pearson '18
Social Work and Psychology

"I was able to take what I learned in the classroom here at Mac and apply it to real life situations."

Picture of Jeff Davidsmeyer '85

Jeff Davidsmeyer '85
Music Major
President of IRC

日本一本道a不卡免费"MacMurray made me a well-rounded individual and helped me to continue to improve myself."

Picture of Joe Squillace, Ph.D.

Joe Squillace, Ph.D.
Lead Faculty for Social Work, Professor of Social Work

"I actively work with other staff and faculty to determine what is best for students, and being small, we can tailor their education in a personal way."

Picture of Katrina Todd Boldin '91

Katrina Todd Boldin '91
Social Work Major
Author/ Social Worker

"The professors and staff pushed me to want to be the difference in somebody else’s life like the way they made a difference in my life."

Picture of Nadine Szczepanski, Ph.D. '79

Nadine Szczepanski, Ph.D. '79
Chemistry Major
Lead Faculty for Natural Sciences and the Horace A. Shonle Professor of Chemistry

"I love the students that come to Mac. It’s fun to watch how much they grow and mature while they are here."

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